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Football Play Wing Slot

Featuring a compilation of four separate video programs, this DVD discusses the wing slot in detail, with subjects covered such as the midline option, the triple option, play action pass, the fullback belly and the running back power toss. 5 Best Single Wing Plays Coach Parker’s five favorite Unbalanced Single Wing Plays #1 Unbalanced Single Wing Play – Sweep The Unbalanced Single Wing TB Sweep is the #7 play on my Best Youth Football play list. This UBSW power sweep play is a thing of beauty when you see all the blockers lined up in a row ahead of the ball carrier. Dynamic Warm-up: 1. Jog to cone and back twice 2.

Open the gate to the cone, close the gate on our way back 3. Half kicks (Cross the body; Knee to elbow) to cone, Light extension - Full kicks on our way back. 4. High knees to cone, butt kicks on our way back. 5. Side shuffle facing one direction to cone - switch direction half way in between.

Football Play Wing Slot - Rowan Casino

Football Play Wing Slot - Rowan Casino

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