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Nominees for 2023 AGM

Please be advised that the nominees for the upcoming 2023 Annual General Meeting are as follows.

President- Danielle Mohi

Nominated by: Jess Okunowski Seconded by: Cushla Stonnell

Secretary - Jessica Okunowski

Nominated by: Danielle Mohi Seconded by: Cushla Stonell

Treasurer - Che Henare

Nominated by: Cushla Stonell Seconded by: Jessica Okunowski

General Committee - Jade Mills

Nominated by: Danielle Mohi Seconded by: Jessica Okunowski

General Committee - Adrian Jones

Nominated by:. Sean Gurr Seconded by: Lynden Frost

General Committee - Aaron Holloway

Nominated by: Adam Thomas Seconded by: Adrian Jones

General Committee - Mitch Winter

Nominated by: Adam Thomas Seconded by: Aaron Holloway

General Committee - Renae Lesa

Nominated by: Danielle Mohi Seconded by: Jessica Okunowski

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