The Coomera City Warriors are providing our athletes development opportunities to build their foundation skills and extend their skill sets which allow them to easily transition in to any basketball team, compete in school and representative competitions and advance in to elite competition through our Level Up Development Programs.



Focussing on dribbling, passing, pivoting, footwork, defence and correct shooting techniques will ensure our Rookies are provided with a great introduction to our Level Up Development Program. Taking the time to teach the fundamentals of basketball correctly and ensuring players get them right is pivotal in setting our Rookies up for success.


Aspiring athletes interested in participating in the SQJBC Representative Competition would suit the Intermediate Level Up Program. Focussing on up-skilling our athletes fitness, agility, individual skills and team concepts, athletes will expand their skill set and increase their chances for team selection boosting them to the next level.


Junior athletes currently competing in the BQJBC Representative Competition are suitable for participating in our Activate Level Up Program. Focussing on fitness, individual skills and team concepts, athletes will be provided with the skills and mentoring to self-motivate to achieve individual goals and activate their game


Developing our athletes in the early stages of basketball will increase the percentage of our athletes chosen to represent Basketball Queensland in their National Performance Programs. The Coomera City Warriors will support our elite athletes who have ambitions to play in a State League, College or Professional basketball through providing an individualised skills, strength and conditioning and mentoring program that will provide our elite athletes with the skills, confidence and knowledge to achieve their optimum performance